About Suzi Dronzek, Starcana

I gaze into the celestial highway, aware of how the vibrations from the heavens and earth can affect us. Energetic storms electrify opportunities upon our crossroads in life, while dark clouds challenge our higher selves. I’ve practiced with the intuitive arts since childhood, and enjoy providing guidance, helping others along their path. Suzi Dronzek (aka Starcana), is practiced as an intuitive astrologer, spiritual advisor, paranormal geek, graphic artist, and you certified. I also write the latest cosmic dirt from the east coast, with an intention to help others find their way.

About this particular blog: I’ve been connected with nature and weather since childhood. In 2006, I ‘felt’ strong ‘earth tremors’ regularly beneath the hill of our new home. Curious, I contacted the USGS Earthquake Hazards program as the intuitive vibrations followed patterns linked to stormy weather, as well as the very large global earthquakes.

This blog contains my personal logged data, which pre-dates the intuitive earth tremors that I experience ~ right before the actual event happens ~ as I ‘tune-in’ to the higher vibrations (like a human tuning fork).

I *do my best* to reach and separate the larger vibes of a 6.3+ magnitude strength, from all the smaller, common quakes.

To personalize today’s constantly changing weather, I write a free online horoscope consisting of Daily Astrology insight from a spiritual perspective. My professional services provide private ‘one-on-one’ phone consultations that include intuitive readings and spiritual guidance. No appointment is necessary. For more information, visit my main website: www.starcana.com

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