Feeling intuitive earth movements passing through today… Advertisements

Earthquake Mag 6.1 Oaxaca, Mexico (logged incoming earth vibes two days ago)

Earthquake Mag 5.7, Ferndale, California (Felt incoming earth vibrations yesterday.)

Earthquake: Mag 4.2 Cantwell, Alaska (Felt & blogged incoming vibes two hours ago).

Intuitive earth vibes have been passing through.

After yesterdays Mag 7.1 Earthquake in Mexico… we’ve had a M6.1 in New Zealand, with today’s M6.1 in Japan & just now a M6.5 in Vanuatu.

Extremely dangerous M7.1 earthquake hits Puebla, Mexico (Felt a double whammy of movable energy posted on Sept 12, and then felt more vibes again – so I posted it later on the same day.

Earthquake Mag 5.1 Yukon, B.C., Alaska border .. Read more

Earthquake Mag 5.8 Agrihan, Mariana Islands & Mag 3.3 East Foothills, California (Felt & blogged on Tuesday September 12

still feeling intuitive earth vibrations that are catching my attention today.

intuitive earth vibrations passing through today.

Magnitude-8.1 earthquake strikes off southern Mexico Dozens killed in southern provinces, as tsunami wave of up to one metre is measured off Salina Cruz coast, Read here. | Felt the incoming vibes, then blogged it on Tuesday Sept 5.