Feeling intuitive earth vibrations passing through.

Earthquake: Mag 6.8 Attu Station, Alaska

Earthquake: Mag 6.8 Central Sulawesi, Indonesia (Felt & logged incoming vibrations two days ago.)

Earthquake: 5.0 Chernabura Island, Alaska (decent size for local, in the states), felt and posted less than 24hours ago >> http://starcana.worpress.com

Feeling intuitive earth vibrations moving through.

Earthquake Mag 5.8 Unalaska, Alaska. Felt and logged incoming vibrations less that 24 hours ago.

Still feeling more intuitive earth vibrations passing through..

Experiencing intuitive earth vibrations passing through.

Earthquake 5.2 Amukta Island, Alaska.. felt and logged incoming vibes yesterday.

experienced some unusual intuitive earth vibrations that were passing through, as they had awakened me from sleep.

Earthquake: M 4.1 Isla Vista, California, Incoming vibes experienced and logged May 13 (four days earlier)

Earthquake magnitude 6.2 Papua New Guinea · May 15, 9:22 AM (felt and logged two days prior)