Been feeling intuitive earth vibrations passing through.

Earthquake: M 5.1, Ferndale, California

Earthquake: Mag 5.9 982 Kourou, French Guiana – (Felt & logged on July 22)

More intuitive earth vibrations passing through again today, which seem to feel more intense and longer lasting.

Earthquake Mag 6.7 Bodrum/Muğla Province, Turkey (Felt and logged incoming earth vibrations just an hour ago.

still feeling intuitive earth vibrations that are pushing through today.

Earthquake Mag 5.8 earthquake, Fukushima Japan .. Experienced incoming energies and logged them last night.

Earthquake Mag 5.9 Port Mathurin, Mauritius, Felt and logged less than twelve hours earlier.

felt intuitive waves passing through again.

Earthquake Mag 6.7 Taron, Papua New Guinea. Felt & logged on July 10, 2017

Earthquake Mag. 6.8 Auckland Island, New Zealand | Felt & logged just six and a half hours earlier.  

short but intense earth vibrations have been pushing through.