What’s Going On?? Earthquakes, weather, volcanos recap

What’s going on? This is a recap on earthquakes weather, and volcanos – as I’ve had a number of people contacting me about the different activities going on with Earth and her eruptions, so I thought I would make a little collection of some past posts that were published on my astrological blog that may help to provide a bit of information.

If you scroll down to the posts below this one, you will see my log of intuitive vibrations that I feel here in Pennsylvania when the tremors are happening. You will also see the eruptions that follow. Basically its a personal log to se if I can connect with a pattern.

The Clippings:

From March 2010 post:

One a very personal note: In regards with the past weather events, back in my January Astrological Happenings, I mentioned about the increase ofprecipitation with Jupiter in Pisces. We’ve seen a variety of one heavy snowfall after another, with the next turn of event of flooding. I believe we will see an abundance of precipitation continue throughout this year, which will seep into weakened areas (Saturn) and break away (Pluto) the broken and rotted structures (in Capricorn), so that transformation can take place, so that rebuilding can begin. I believe that we will continue to see water weakening (so that it may heal) the decay and damaged. Cracked foundations, rotting roof’s, and ground crumbling away will be in need of repair. Earthquakes that we have recently seen is part of a the process to get contractors to follow better building codes. I don’t believe that countries ‘missed a bullet’ and that we will see events to continue to rattle and shake loose ground away. Mars is still retrograde, and the energy continues to increase each day, while Uranus will dramatically create changes in the future. I’m not a professional scientist with a knowledge for these things, but instead, I follow intuitive patterns and astrological factors as my own guide. My goal is not to freak anyone out, but to make them aware, so that they may prepare. I usually try to follow my own advice and talk to my husband when I see certain obstacles ahead, and with what may come… so I would personally suggest that if you qualify and live in an area where flooding is possible, use precaution and get flood insurance. I also would check to see if your house lot is on or connected to an area where mining had occurred, there may be insurance for that as well, I’m not sure on that one. And seriously, I could be wrong, as i am not going on scientific facts. And I hope that I am wrong. But my belief right now, is “better safe, than sorry”, which is the reason for me sharing my thoughts.

We moved to our new home about four years ago, and we’re settled nice and snug on a large hill of rocks and trees. I’ve asked around to find out if we are in a mining area, and all the information seems to be similar, and we’re not. In the last four years, I have felt a shift or tremor out of the blue, and would get a bit freaked – worried if our ground was shifting. As I have followed the occasional patterns, I had come up with a weird theory. But because I am not an expert in science and geology – I let it pass, not thinking much of it. But each time I was feeling this ‘tremor’ – I would hear about an earthquake in different parts of the world. What’s the chance of that? Nothing major, so my experiences weren’t really grabbing my attention. As I have become more aware and sensitive, I have felt the movements. One came along that was more ‘stronger’, and when the Haiti quake hit, I became quiet alert to the vibrations and what I was experiencing.

I am intuitive, but also very practical. Can these be coincidental, of course they can, which is why I made light of it previously. I ask my husband regularly if he ‘felt’ the same shifts that I did, and he would just shake his head, usually thinking that I am a quack (until I prove him wrong LOL). Anyway, I felt another strong surge, which I logged that night on twitter under the hashtag #tremor, to be more daring and public. I woke my husband up immediately that night and asked him if he felt it, and he had no idea what I was talking about. I told him to remember this moment, and put a post-it note on the fridge so we could track it. Within this time, there was a 7.5 earthquake (earth) in Asia, then we had the one in Chile… sparking the threat of a tsunami (water). I couldn’t believe my feeling with this again, and my husband was pretty shocked despite my rant. Coincidental? Maybe. And if so, I can be totally cool with that. I have absolutely no interest in making world predictions. I only hope to provide information to help others. But with what I have been experiencing, I don’t believe we have dodged any bullets. I personally worry that with all the water drenching the earth, that a piece of land could be drowned or pulled away from existing land. Again, I have no facts to back any of this up. I just wanted to share my story, as I’ve been holding this in for awhile and I just needed to release it. For my own personal knowledge, I contacted a government website for earthquakes and geology, to see if I could email or call-in any future sense of ‘tremors’ – as a way to possibly forewarn – but scientists base data from facts, and while they were polite, they weren’t interested. From the information that I received, I seem to have that ‘natural’ sense that animals have, when they can tell if earthquakes, storms, fear, etc are near. So for now, I guess I will just continue my own little journey of logging the vibes, and figure out the rest.


So here we are with the Hurricane Irene, traveling up the east coast. My thoughts and prayers continue for everyone under her wicked force. I hope that you too, will spare just thirty seconds to send a quiet thought of protection for them. With the urgency of this storm, I once again recall in one of my writings back in March of 2010, when I ‘snuck’ one of my visions into my astrological horoscopes. Here is a clipping:

‘My goal is not to freak anyone out, but to make them aware, so that they may prepare. I usually try to follow my own advice and talk to my husband when I see certain obstacles ahead, and with what may come… so I would personally suggest that if you qualify and live in an area where flooding is possible, use precaution and get flood insurance. I also would check to see if your house lot is on or connected to an area where mining had occurred, there may be insurance for that as well, I’m not sure on that one. And seriously, I could be wrong, as i am not going on scientific facts. And I hope that I am wrong. But my belief right now, is “better safe, than sorry”, which is the reason for me sharing my thoughts.’


From April 5-11 post:

On a different level, I have mentioned this before, as I have been been personally experiencing intuitive tremors and making notes on my personal log. Whether I have been on target with what I am feeling, or maybe just totally coincidental, but this is the reason that I am logging it all, to see if there is a genuine pattern. If you have read my tremor log, I have experienced visual signs that I am interpreting as something larger that MAY be happening. I COULD be wrong, because I have a feeling – not scientific proof. But with the tremors I have felt, something is shaking he earth. With Jupiter, there is an increase of moisture that is loosening the earth. I have seen a number of repeated visions of ‘rings on fire’, and after days of wondering – ‘what the heck is that?’ I am assuming with additional messages received, that these visuals is a volcano(s). Now with Pluto and Saturn as more of the distant planets, they move at a much slower pace. During retrograde, they take their good ole time traveling backwards, into deeper unseen areas. Deeper into memories, into the subconscious, etc. My thoughts are the same with the earth. We have extreme tension increasing between Uranus (tremors), Pluto (ejection), and Saturn (foundation/earth). A very deep eruption is surfacing. I don’t know where this would occur, I don’t know when this would actually occur, I don’t know if this is worthy enough to even speculate, without valid proof. I find it interesting that in 2010, we’re in a universal three cycle in numerology 2+0+1+0=3, and three’s are related to communication and expression. In the Tarot, three is related to The Empress card, who represents Mother Earth. This is a year that Mother Earth is communicating to us. So far, she has spoke loudly with the earthquakes in Chile and Haiti, along with the threat of a tsunami, blizzards and flooding in the US. I imagine that she still has a lot more to say and get off her chest. Enjoy your week.

From April 12-18 post:

you’ve heard me go on and on about my personal experiences with earthquake tremors and visions, but you should check out Jamie Funk’s Pluto Retrograde Article that shares other’s astrological insights regarding Pluto retrograde and the shifting within the earth. I don’t feel so whacky after all.

From April 19-25 post:

Jupiter is also in Pisces now, filled with much in the way of generosity and kindness. We make bigger contributions to the less-fortunate, as Pisces represents the selfless and helpless. Many may actually begin to anticipate the benefits of the new healthcare system. Jupiter in Pisces brings us an abundance of study, higher thinking, and blessings from the Universe. If you use to follow my Daily Horoscopes, I always referred as Pisces in the hippy-psychedelic form. The last time Chiron was in Pisces was back in the sixties when ‘All You Need is Love’ was the way. We can develop a new outlook and yearn for love and peace now, searching for compassion, spiritual growth, and a Higher Power. It’s all about us living with each other, like the fish (Pisces) who travel in a school together, rather than swimming it alone. As Earth and Mother Nature continues to take tantrums, we are more likely to see more communal living and shared housing, as we’re forced to become more cooperative into ‘living as one’. What we learn, we teach and share with others – to live in harmony. Just like the lyrics of ‘I am the Walrus’ from The Beatles… ‘I am he, as you are he, as you are me, and we are all together’. A (Shocking) Uranus, (Abundance) Jupiter, of (Water) Pisces that we shall experience over the time ahead should not be viewed as devastation, but more in the way of Earth healing herself (Chiron), rather than waiting for us to do it for her. Nature doesn’t wait for anyone, as she simply flows with the course of the Universe.

A major transit happens today as Uranus, also known as the ‘Great Awakener’ enters Aries for the next eight years. My personal thoughts as to what I can see happening during the following years, is that a big change in our individual characters will be developing. Each sign carries positive and negative traits, and in Aries we will see the honorable knights in shining armor rise, doing the ‘right’ thing because it’s the ‘right’ thing to do. We may see a substantial increase in those who wish to protect honor and justice again, like in old careers like attorneys, officers of the law, military, as well as a development in ‘homemade heroes’ who take matters into their own hands. Education will expand into importance, professors, teachers, and even the job of parenting – to illuminate, and teach morals and good behavior. Now Aries has its dark side too, and can be very selfish and greedy. We could see villains, terrorists, and criminal activity increasing – which will actually balance out the work for our newest superheroes. I also imagine that bullying will increase until we have the proper shift of brave souls who take a stand to make a change – and Uranus is all about making positive changes. While Pluto (transformation) in Capricorn (foundation, family, and reputation), will continue to reveal and remove crooks, thieves, and ‘bad guys’ – to help renew the world with come much needed integrity, respect, and decency.
In the Tarot, The Fool (Uranus) leaps into the heart of The Emperor (Aries), encouraging us to change the way we rule our lives. We become liberated and take bold risks to change our world, which frees us from incrustation. Sitting on our throne to protect the home-front and reputation just isn’t cutting it anymore, and we crave excitement and adventure. We want to show ourselves off, expose our talents, and see what’s going on outside these four walls.

Earth-wise, Uranus interconnects with Mars (Aries ruler) surprising us with more fire-related situations, from domestic fires to wild fires, along with an increase in lightning, fierce winds, and volcano activity – which can be interpreted in The Tower card, as fire falls from the heavens, lighting up the sky and earth.

If you found some of this interesting...

I have other original posts and tweets and the visions or the ring of fire – now whether that was the volcano that sparked weeks later after the intuitive images that I received… but it seemed more like it was beneath the ocean. Until I figure it out, I will keep track. To read the transferred data on the first original post of this blog (It’s sloppy as it was moved from several places to make it easier for me to track) you can check it out by clicking here.

©2011 Suzi Dronzek, Starcana at 10:26 PM  


  1. Notes for Search: Had visions of a ring of fire. Had three visions that looked exactly the same. I am leaning toward a volcano, an explosion of a geyser, or a ring of fire in the ocean. With Uranus in Aries, this adds an increase to fires and lightning. Jupiter in Pisces is all the extra precipitation that we have been experiencing this year which will soak and soften the ground – and as Pluto in Capricorn breaks away ground. I am really feeling that we lose some sort of big ground, coast or land as a result.

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