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Did you feel that?

Intuitive earth vibrations have been passing through again… Advertisements

Earthquake M 6.1 Port Villa Vanuata

Earthquake M 6.1 Port Villa Vanuata | Felt incoming vibes and logged them on Tuesday June 19

Earthquake: Magnitude 4.1 Volcano, HI

Earthquake: Magnitude 4.1 Volcano, HI (Felt incoming earth vibrations, then blogged this energy back on Tuesday.

did you feel that?

feeling intuitive earth vibrations passing through today…

Earthquake Mag 4.0 Guthrie, OK

Earthquake Mag 4.0 Guthrie, OK

Earthquake Magnitude 4.2 Volcano, HI

Earthquake Magnitude 4.2 Volcano, HI, Felt & blogged June 12

did you feel that?

felt intuitive earth vibrations coming through again, which they felt much more noticeable..

Earthquake Magnitude 5.8 West Sumatra, Indonesia

Earthquake Magnitude 5.8 West Sumatra, Indonesia, Felt and logged yesterday morning,

did you feel that?

feeling intuitive earth vibrations passing through today..

Guatemala volcano: Dozens die as Fuego volcano erupts

Guatemala’s most violent volcano eruption in more than a century has killed at least 25 people. The Fuego volcano, about 40km (25 miles) south-west of the capital Guatemala City, spewed rock, gas and ash into the sky on Sunday. Fast-moving flows hit villages, killing people inside their homes. Hundreds were injured and many are missing. […]

Earthquake M5.5 Hawaii

A MAGNITUDE 5.5 earthquake has rocked Hawaii’s Big Island at a depth of 1.14km and 5km south-west of Kilauea Volcano, near Crater Rim Drive, Pahoa, according to the US Geological Survey. It is the largest earthquake to strike the island since a 6.9 earthquake rocked Hawaii on May 4 near the erupting volcano. The Pacific […]

did you feel that?

Still feeling intuitive earth vibrations passing through today.