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Did you feel that?

Feeling intuitive earth vibrations still passing through today.

Earthquake Mag 6.4, Taveuni Island, Fiji

Earthquake Mag 6.4, Taveuni Island, Fiji. Felt and logged incoming vibrations yesterday.

Earthquake: Mag 6.7 North Ascension Island

Earthquake: Mag 6.7 North Ascension Island | Felt and logged new incoming earth vibes – less than five hours ago

did you feel that?

experiencing a number of strong and intuitive earth vibrations that are passing though today.

Earthquake M 6.4 Bengkulu, Indonesia

Earthquake M 6.4 Bengkulu, Indonesia

Deadly M5.6 earthquake hits coast of south Peru

Deadly M5.6 earthquake hits the coast of southern Peru, read more here.  Experienced incoming vibes within 24 hours.

Earthquake: M 6.2 РTuy, Philippines 

Earthquake: M 6.2 – Tuy, Philippines | Just felt and logged incoming earth vibrations less than an hour ago.

Did you feel that? 

Felt incoming earth vibrations that have been passing through. 

Earthquake M6.3 Dostyk, Kazakhstan

Earthquake M6.3 Dostyk, Kazakhstan. Logged these incoming earth vibrations just two days earlier, back on August 6.

Earthquake: M6.5 China Sichuan

Earthquake: Very strong and shallow M6.5 earthquake hits China’s Sichuan. Felt and logged the incoming earth vibrations back on August 6). More information about the quake can be read here.

did you feel that?

feeling intuitive earth vibrations that have been passing through.

Earthquake 5.5 Chile, 4.4 Oklahoma

5.5 Lampa, Chile and 4.4 Edmond, Oklahoma (felt and logged these incoming earth vibes yesterday.