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Earthquake 7.5 Pinotepa De Don Louis, Mexico

Earthquake 7.5 Pinotepa De Don Louis, Mexico (Felt and logged incoming earth vibrations less than five hours ago). Advertisements

did you feel that?

keep feeling intuitive earth vibrations passing through today.

Earthquake M 2.7 East Kingston, New Hampshire

Earthquake M 2.7 East Kingston, New Hampshire (logged, since it was close to home.)    

Earthquake 6.2 Rota, North Mariana Islands

Earthquake 6.2 Rota, North Mariana Islands (Felt and logged incoming earth energy last night, just after midnight.

Earthquake, wind and fire: Extreme conditions hit Winter Olympics

PYEONGCHANG, South Korea: An earthquake triggered an alert and high winds disrupted competition at the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics Sunday, as officials warned of a severe freeze and urged fans to wrap up warm. After a bitterly cold first night of competition, a shallow 4.6-magnitude earthquake jolted the eastern portion of South Korea overnight, prompting warnings on […]

Did you feel that?

Stronger earth vibrations have been passing through.

did you feel that?

Feelings intuitive earth vibrations passing through today…

Earthquake Mag 4.4 Dillingham, AK

Earthquake Mag 4.4 Dillingham, AK (Felt & logged incoming vibes on Tuesday).

Earthquake M3.6 hits Öræfajökull volcano, largest on record

A magnitude 3.6 earthquake was registered within the caldera of Öræfajökull volcano in Iceland at 05:07 UTC on February 9, 2018 and was followed by 10 aftershocks. This volcano is on Yellow alert since November 17, 2017 when a new ice-cauldron formed within its caldera. The last eruptive episode of this volcano started in August 1727 and ended in May […]

did you feel that?

while an anticipated earthquake event just occurred a few moments ago…  I’m still feeling intuitive earth vibrations that are continuing to pass through today as well.

Earthquake: 6.4 Hualian Taiwan

Earthquake: 6.4 Hualian Taiwan (felt incoming earth vibrations yesterday, and logged them last night – which was less than 24 hours ago.

did you feel that?

feeling more intuitive earth vibrations that have been passing through, which have been stronger and longer lasting.