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Earthquake M 5.9 & 6.0 Kerman Iran

This is the second M6+ earthquake to hit this region of Iran today… read more. ( Felt these intuitive earth vibrations pushing through earlier today, about seven hours ago – which was blogged here. Advertisements

did you feel that?

Strong vibrations pushing through, had to check myself.

Earthquake M. 6.0 Iran-Iraq border

  Earthquake of 6 magnitude hits Iran-Iraq border, read full story here. (Felt incoming earth vibrations and blogged it in less than two and a half hours before the earth event.  

Did you feel that?

Feel intuitive earth vibrations throughout the day…

Earthquake M. 6.0 Papua New Guinea

Earthquake M. 6.0 Papua New Guinea

Earthquake M. 6.0 Kerman Iran

Earthquake M. 6.0 Kerman Iran

Earthquake M. 5.1, Dover, Delaware

BREAKING: 5.1-magnitude earthquake strikes 8 miles ENE of Dover, Delaware, USGS says. Felt in parts of NY, NJ and PA (Not a large number when logging outside of the U.S., yet pretty significant inland – especially as earth vibes were particularly different and stronger when I made note of this back on Wednesday November 9.

Earthquake: M 6.7 Central Mid-Atlantic Ridge

Earthquake M6.7 Central Mid-Atlantic Ridge (Felt incoming earth vibrations and logged that energy that was alerting me less than 24 hours ago).

Did you feel that?

Been feeling a number of strong intuitive earth vibrations passing through again..

Earthquake: Strong M6.0 New Ireland, P.N.G.

Strong M6.0 earthquake hits near the coast of New Ireland, P.N.G. (Felt the incoming earth vibrations last night, 15 hours before the actual event, on Nov 26)  

did you feel that?

intuitive earth vibrations have been passing through…

Earthquake: M. 4.7. Pacific Ocean, Oregon coast

Earthquake: M. 4.7. Pacific Ocean, Oregon coast (Felt & logged intuitive earth vibes coming in on Nov 20, and altho its not the magnitude expected (at least so far) it is still a pretty significant number being local in the US)