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did you feel that?

feeling intuitive earth vibrations passing through. Advertisements

Earthquake Magnitude 3.4 Alum Rock, CA

Earthquake Magnitude 3.4 Alum Rock, CA on October 9, 5:15 AM …… while I felt these incoming vibrations & logged it less than five hours earlier, on October 9, 12:32 AM

Did you feel that?

Intuitive earth vibrations passing through again today… #earth #earthquake #sensitive

did you feel that?

Felt incoming, intuitive earth vibrations passing through today. #earth #earthquake #sensitive

Earthquake Magnitude 5.0 Anchorage, AK, Magnitude 3.6 Pacifica, CA

Earthquake Magnitude 5.0 Anchorage, AK on October 4, and Magnitude 3.5 Pacifica, CA October 5. (Felt and logged on October 1).

Did you feel that?

Feeling intuitive earth vibrations passing through today. #earth #earthquake #sensitive

Earthquake M6.1 Los Lagos, Chile #Argentina

Earthquake M6.1 Los Lagos, Chile #Argentina

Earthquake Magnitude 6.5 Kairatu Indonesia

Earthquake Magnitude 6.5 Kairatu Indonesia

Earthquake Magnitude 4.4 Isabela, Puerto Rico

Earthquake Magnitude 4.4 Isabela, Puerto Rico Sept 23 2019, Felt incoming earth vibrations four days earlier; logged here. #earth #earthquake #sensitive

Did you feel that?

Felt strong, intuitive earth vibrations that were passing through today…

Earthquake Magnitude 2.8 Dover Township, PA

Earthquake Magnitude 2.8 Dover Township, PA (Felt incoming earth vibrations then logged them four nights prior. #earth #earthquake #sensitive

Earthquake Magnitude 3.7 Mountain Home, Arizona

Earthquake Magnitude 3.7 Mountain Home, Arizona (felt incoming energy and logged two evenings ago)