did you feel that?

Intuitive earth vibrations passing through.


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  1. I have been feeling vibrations, like a small earthquake, for years. It started a few times a year and is now a few times a week. I have never related them to earth events. I stumbled across this site and am interested to follow to see if there is correlation of the vibrations I feel with the happenings on earth. When I feel the vibrations, it is usually quiet time or meditation time. I have many times woke my husband to see if he is feeling the same thing. He never has felt the vibration and there are no other signs that a vibration is actually happening (ie. dog is fine, water glasses show no signs, etc.) I live in the Midwest and earthquakes simply don’t happen where I live. Many here in my circle of friends are “hearing the party” which is what we have chosen to call the noise we hear at times. I am curious to see if anyone else is hearing the party. It sounds similar to when a big meeting is going to start and everyone is chatting amongst themselves, you can never really hear words but just noise. It is disturbing to sleep and at times has had me up checking to see if a TV or radio was left on in the house. Strange. Recently one of the people who also hears “the party” has started to hear actual words. Anyone else? Makes one wonder if something is going on in the heavens?


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