Earthquake MAG 3.9, 2.9 Southern California

Earthquake MAG 3.9, 2.9 Southern California.

I’m still waiting for a larger magnitude to develop from my recent intuitive message, but I’m still logging this for my own experience. The tremor was strong. If I can feel this much pressure with these ‘out of the country’, international earthquakes … then I want to familiarize myself with these ‘in-home’, closer vibes in our country. I want to understand which energies are nearby.





  1. […] what I felt & logged two days ago was this – being stronger and at a much closer range), or a 6.3 or larger is […]


  2. Your’re right… something is definitely up. This is such a fascinating topic.
    I also have found that the earthquakes at the time of sensing them can be quite far away. (eg: a rare headache yesterday (my mother, a province away, also!) ,an “eerie feeling”, ground tremors, as well as the usual animal pre-earthquake behavior.) I,m not sure if this would be considered intuition but I do know that when the tremors stop abrupty, there is always a large quake, within minutes, somewhere on the planet. Perhaps the Earth has a more complex grid system than is apparent.
    Have you heard of Jim Berkland’s research on this subject? I believe he started a blog for “earthquake sensitives” such as yourself.
    I read an article today on the changing “magnetic field vortexes”(the ones in Sedona, for example) and the sudden fatigue many people feel. Mind you, this symptom has been attributed to cell towers and satellite microwaves, but that is another topic. At any rate, I need some more effective search-terms for some research I am doing and I would love to hear more about what you have logged… so I will check out the rest of your posts.
    Thanks Suzi!


  3. Thank you Gwenn, I appreciate your comments and really find this fascinating as well. I feel the earth tremoring, and it’s always weird if my family (especially my dog) isn’t reacting to it. I’m very familiar with some of the other ‘signs’ that you’ve mentioned, but I will have to check out the information that youve shared for more research.. cause we’re all learning this together! Happy weekend!


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