Crash and Burn, Weather Sky Storms

While this has nothing to do with my typical earthquake and tremor energy (yet), I still thought I would log today’s information. It may be connected something, maybe not. But as I was video taping the Blue Angels flying overhead, as I shot the image, I seen it immerse itself into a large black cloud. I don’t look for anything negative, but I am still made aware of something, so I simply share and log it. The vision made me automatically think that maybe there could be an accident at the air show this weekend, or possibly it may be a more general image of a large plane crash, or burst in the air. I want to say that it’s more like a fire in the sky, or starts in the sky.

I might add that the weather has a possibility of being dark and wicked. Deadly lightning. Maybe it hits the plane. Either way, always use safety first.

If you happen to know me or my blog Cosmic Dirt, Weirdly, Ive been using the term ‘crash and burn’ a lot lately in conversations, readings, and my writings, as in one of my latest posts. But also we have some stressful aspects in the heavens:

“For additional guidance, we can see in the tarot as Uranus is represented in the Fool card. Our thoughts are guiding us, as we’ve been wondering and thinking about the need for change. We are our thoughts, and our thoughts create our world. We appear to be foolish, but change has become our calling. As you look at the individual who is about to walk off the cliff , change is right in front of us. But again, we are our thoughts, and although we may temporarily resist the natural flow of life, the one thing that is for certain – is that change will happen.

Pluto rules the Death card as seen in the image. It’s normally depicted as a very dark and scary card, even though we all know that death is completely natural, and just another part of life. Death happens when something has become so old, so routine, so toxic, and so rotted, that nothing else can grow – except death itself. And in death, reveals new life. Life is full of ever-changing experiences, otherwise we’d never grow, learn, or mature into levels of existence. Death requires a sacrifice, if new life is desired. Out of fear, we may try to avoid disastrous decisions and extreme changes, but have you truly thought of what may exist in the unknown, or on the other side? Yes, we could definitely crash and burn.. but only in the crash and burn can our inner phoenix truly rise, with a second chance at life and happiness. ‘The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire’. Ferdinand Foch.”


Maybe a sign, maybe not. Thats why I call this intuitive vibrations.



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