Making Earthquake Predictions, I FEEL the Earth Move

small tremors all day yesterday, but again today 429pm. nothing really stands out much, which is why I don’t log them. I have been trying to be picky and not notice the so much, cause making earthquake predictions because I feel the earth move IS a pain in the butt to do. It would be more interesting if I didn’t have a life to live, so that I could sit like a guru alone on the mountaintop – and FEEL the quivers and figure out the next earthquake location. But a second day of them, being ‘off and on’ throughout the day that are grabbing my attention, is usually a sign that something much larger 7.0+ is about to erupt… by the end of this week – IF I am following my senses and logged info correctly.

Don’t wish me luck, I don’t want to be right.

One comment

  1. November 30, 151am, VERY strong vibes caught my attention. Already had a 6.9, but feel something stronger comng, as the strong sensations now run through me again.


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