Earth speaks.

1:12am… surprising strong vibes felt right after i fell asleep. was not sure if it was these silent earth tremors that i experience passing by, or something real. it was pretty powerful to make me get out of bed and check on it. i tried to log this last night (sine i was awake and alarmed), but blogger doesn’t seem to be compatible with iphones. argh. as i climbed back into bed, it continued to rumble off and on and then disappeared.

pretty funky.
Now I just researched to see recent quakes to compare and got these, and 8 hours ago for us would have been 2:19am:

7 hours ago 5.9 Southern Peru
8 hours ago 5.8 Hokkaido, Japan region



  1. does this have any revelance? i dont know. thats why I am logging it.

    Venezuelan Official: Plane Carrying 47 Crashes:
    A Venezuelan official says a plane crashed with 47 people on board shortly after takeoff, and it is unclear how many were hurt or killed.


  2. 09.14.10.. Magnitude: 5.9, Islas Marias region, Nayarit, Mexico


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