Earth Speaks. I Feel Earth Tremors.

Re-Connecting to Log the Energy.
This is being set up for my own intuitive journal, where I am organizing my personal intuitive experiences right now of earth tremors and earth related visions that I am experiencing here in Pennsylvania – that may/seem to be connected to distant quakes, or maybe its all coincidental. Basically that’s what I am trying to figure out… as I will update and log info with intuitive happenings, as seen fit.

Logging Experiences

I will be adding and updating my most recent details: recorded dates, times, experiences, etc. As I retrieve the ‘energy’, (which I have NO clue as to when I will receive it, I just do) – I will usually tweet it immediately on my favorites
where the dates and times can not be muddled with, under hashtag #tremor (which I also have these saved in my favorites to refer easily to.) Adding it to my blog, I can just log it here – without having the double work. But my original logging can be found on twitter.

My Story.
In regards with the past weather events, back in my January 2010 Astrological Happenings, I mentioned about the increase of precipitation with Jupiter in Pisces. We’ve seen a variety of one heavy snowfall after another, with the next turn of event of flooding. I believewe will see an abundance of precipitation continue throughout this year, which will seep into weakened areas (Saturn) and break away (Pluto) the broken and rotted structures (in Capricorn), so that transformation can take place, so that rebuilding can begin. I believe that we will continue to see water weakening (so that it may heal) the decay and damaged. Cracked foundations, rotting roof’s, and ground crumbling away will be in need of repair. Earthquakes that we have recently seen is part of a the process to get contractors to follow better building codes. I don’t believe that countries ‘missed a bullet’ and that we will see events to continue to rattle and shake loose ground away. Mars is still retrograde, and the energy continues to increase each day, while Uranus will dramatically create changes in the future. I’m not a professional scientist with a knowledge for these things, but instead, I follow intuitive patterns and astrological factors as my own guide. My goal is not to freak anyone out, but to make them aware, so that they may prepare. I usually try to follow my own advice and talk to my husband when I see certain obstacles ahead, and with what may come… so I would personally suggest that if you qualify and live in an area where flooding is possible, use precaution and get flood insurance. I also would check to see if your house lot is on or connected to an area where mining had occurred, there may be insurance for that as well, I’m not sure on that one. And seriously, I could be wrong, as i am not going on scientific facts. And I hope that I am wrong. But my belief right now, is “better safe, than sorry”, which is the reason for me sharing my thoughts.

We moved to our new home about four years ago, and we’re settled nice and snug on a large hill of rocks and trees. I’ve asked around to find out if we are in a mining area, and all the information seems to be similar, and we’re not. In the last four years, I have felt a shift or tremor out of the blue, and would get a bit freaked – worried if our ground was shifting. As I have followed the occasional patterns, I had come up with a weird theory. But because I am not an expert in science and geology – I let it pass, not thinking much of it. But each time I was feeling this ‘tremor’ – I would hear about an earthquake in different parts of the world. What’s the chance of that? Nothing major, so my experiences weren’t really grabbing my attention. As I have become more aware and sensitive, I have felt the movement, and give it three to five days to present itself. One came along that was more ‘stronger’, and when the Haiti quake hit, I became quiet alert to the vibrations and what I was experiencing.

I am intuitive, but also very practical. Can these be coincidental, of course they can, which is why I made light of it previously. I ask my husband regularly if he ‘felt’ the same shifts that I did, and he would just shake his head, usually thinking that I am a quack (until I prove him wrong LOL). Anyway, I felt another strong surge, which I logged that night on twitter under the hashtag #tremor, to be more daring and public. I woke my husband up immediately that night and asked him if he felt it, and he had no idea what I was talking about. I told him to remember this moment, and put a post-it note on the fridge so we could track the next 3-5 days. Within this time, there was a 7.5 earthquake (earth) in Asia, then we had the one in Chile… sparking the threat of a tsunami (water). I couldn’t believe my feeling with this again, and my husband was pretty shocked despite my rant. Coincidental? Maybe. And if so, I can be totally cool with that. I have absolutely no interest in making world predictions. I only hope to provide information to help others. But with what I have been experiencing, I don’t believe we have dodged any bullets. I personally worry that with all the water drenching the earth, that a piece of land could be drowned or pulled away from existing land. Again, I have no facts to back any of this up. I just wanted to share my story, as I’ve been holding this in for awhile and I just needed to release it. For my own personal knowledge, I contacted a government website for earthquakes and geology, to see if I could email or call-in any future sense of ‘tremors’ – as a way to possibly forewarn – but scientists base data from facts, and while they were polite, they weren’t interested. From the information that I received, I seem to have that ‘natural’ sense that animals have, when they can tell if earthquakes, storms, fear, etc are near. So for now, I guess I will just continue my own little journey of logging the vibes, and figure out the rest.

My tremor updates follows now (which were logged originally on my twitter account as #tremor hashtag. Check my my twitter favorites, to know dates could not be fumbled with).

Putting it All into Order.

The previous is the realization that I’ve been experiencing my ‘earth tremors’ for the past four years, but never put two and two together when I heard of quakes happening. I could kick myself in the butt for not logging it all this time, especially when one day, it was the strongest vibration that I had felt, and I was afraid OUR hill was shifting. Within 3-5 days later (which seems to be ‘my time in warning’) it hit Haiti.

So rather than me looking like a bullshitter or play what some say say ‘the fake psychic’, I’m not interested in playing psychic here, nor predicting. This is way bigger than me, and all of us. But if I can be of help with sensory, I will share it. I could be wrong with my senses, which is why I decided to ‘put my money where my mouth is’, by adding my notions to my twitter account publicly where my information could be logged first (and not conveniently changed to fit the time), then I watch cnn, and follow my own information and actual patterns. I’ve been a weather freak since childhood… so for me, this is very interesting and important.

Check out my crazy 03.06.10 log regarding something that may suggests volcano eruption – under water? Crazy. I watch for developments after my input at and

A Comment From My Original Post

Hi..your comments and sensitivities are Right On. We (our solar system)are moving through a part of the Galaxy that happens about every 37 thousand yrs. Earthquakes, strange tides and weather will all take place. I believe that is what 2012 is about..alittle unromantic as some who sell books would have us believe…but there will be some definite shifts in the earths axis and plates. Might want to reread what Edgar Casey said about all of this…thanks for your witness, in the light…joel of Austin ~

I’m Not So Crazy After All

Thank to Jamie Funk for his recent astrological post, helping me to know that I am NOT crazy LOL (but I really should get sleep before I write anymore. ugh… what a mess). Check out Jamie’s cool article on these earth tremor happenings:

My #Tremor Tweets, Transferred to This Blog

Going to try and make this easy to follow.

Blue… My Tremor Experience

Red…. Earth news

Jan 29, after feeling the powerful tremors coming, i finally started logging them

Jan 19th 2:33 PM… to supply water, food, and emergency medicine for#haiti victims, make a $10 donation to the Red Cross, tweet @RedCross for daily updates.

started with #rocked and #rockd as hashtags when I felt something happening

(I disguised for my own twitter notes so noone would ask what I was tweeting… as I was embarrassed to say exactly what I was posting… especially if my theory turned out to be a fluke

Jan 31st 10:26 AM#rocked: 1.30.2010 @ 1:30a EST <–111 characters <<<

Feb 4th 8:30 PM#rocked 1.30.2010 @ 1:30a EST <–111 characters (check earlier fav for actual date…. for proof)

Feb 4th 8:32 PM#rocked today quake in california, felt 6 days earlier

via web

Feb 4th 11:11 PM#rockd 1.30.2010 @ 1:30a EST <–111 characters (check earlier fav for original date posted…. for proof)

—- chat snip —————

Feb 4th 11:11 PM #rockd today quake in california, felt 6 days earlier (figuring what to do with my notes now)

Feb 5th 10:48 AM…

@starcana i felt it first on 1/30, and they had a quake in cali yesterday (a few days later). just me taking tabs of patterns. :o)

@PaganGmaSayin I understand. I hope it doesn’t happen. Been in 2 biggies & lots of fam & friends still live there. U could be good warning systm

@starcana i contacted a government geology site to send my ‘info’ but i may look like a nut to them LOL. would be great to help tho.

@PaganGmaSayin to me – Seriously, there is an agency that takes you seriously. I forget if in Cali or D.C. Good luck.

—- chat snip —————

Feb 5th 11:39 PM#rockd 2/5/10 10:05pm like a fast jet (thought a jet or hard wind was moving my house, scared).

Feb 5th 11:40 PM#rockd 2/5/10 10:05pm like a fast jet (3 hours ago) 4.6 Izu Islands, Japan region

—- chat snip —————

Feb 25th 8:03 PM… #tremor 2.25.10.. 7:59p (repeated, under new hashtag #tremor) strong one. <<<

Feb 25th 8:06 PM@PaganGmaSay I know what that means 😦

o thats right, u do know what it means. yea i give it 3-5 days. this was stronger than normal.. we’ll see. hopefully a fluke.

—- chat snip —————

i feel them. RT @alexianichole whats that mean#tremor ?

8:27 PM Feb 25th via TweetDeck in reply to starcana

@MysticVirgo67 – #tremor There was a tremor on guatamala Mexico border earlier today did not catch the time of the quake on news

2:46 PM Feb 26th via HootSuite

(My migraine).. Lightning flashes thru my skull; mine eyeballs ache; my whole beaten brain beheaded, rolling on stunning ground. ~H Melville

4:11 PM Feb 26th via web

USGS says 7.0-magnitude quake struck near Okinawa; Japanese officials issue beach evacuation order.

1:56 PM Feb 27th via web in reply to PaganGmaSayin

@PaganGmaSayin tsunami headed toward hawaii now, did you hear?? :o(

1:56 PM Feb 27th via TweetDeck

RT @BreakingNews: #Tsunami event similar to 2004 Christmas tsunami that killed more than 200,000 in Indonesia – NOAA

2:55 PM Feb 27th via web

i feel the vibes, days ahead, log it under #tremor RT @MysticVirgo67 stresses on th echile qake could have been triggering your migrane

—- chat snip —————

@starcana #tremor 7:30pm 03/02/10 (this tremor literally MOVED me, swaying me to the right as i sat down)

about 23 hours ago via web

Hope meds helps ya! Yes felt another tremor, weird one that swayed me to the NW. not sure what it means. hopefully nothing.

about 8 hours ago via web in reply to PaganGmaSayin

@PaganGmaSayin Me too, agree with you, hopefully nothing but on other hand if proved maybe one day it would be a huge help.

about 8 hours ago via TweetDeck in reply to starcana

@starcana #tremor CNN– Tsunami warning issued for part of Chilean coast, north of Concepcion, after huge aftershock.

about 7 hours ago via web

@PaganGmaSayin Tsunami warning issued for part of Chilean coast, north of Concepcion, after huge aftershock, gonna have cnn on now.

about 7 hours ago via web in reply to PaganGmaSayin

@PaganGmaSayin @starcana I just saw an RT on another earthquake. I think if correct this is the one? I think the RT was CNN.

about 1 hours ago via TweetDeck in reply to starcana

—- chat snip —————

#tremor RT @CNN Strong aftershock felt on Chilean coast.

about 1 hours ago via web 03.03.10

@science NASA scientist: Chile earthquake may have changed the entire Earth’s rotation and shortened the length of days on Earth

—- chat snip —————

The 6.4-magnitude Taiwan earthquake that hit on Thursday 03/04/10 – on the heels of quakes in Haiti and Chile.

less than 5 seconds ago via web

—- chat snip —————

@bhandraoi It seems like these quakes are making a circle – CA may be soon

5 minutes ago via web in reply to starcana

@starcana my last #tremor energy was ‘felt’ 7:30pm 03/02/10, and then within 3-5 days, something develops. this one actually ‘moved me’

half a minute ago via web in reply to bhandraoi 03/04.10

—- chat snip —————

@PaganGmaSayin THAT was the one. Although I hope not more but think so?

21 minutes ago via TwitBird iPhone in reply to starcana

@starcana i dont kno, I could be wrong, but i seen small first, then the large ones. I have it logged on twitter shows small then large

18 minutes ago via web in reply to PaganGmaSayin 03.04.10

@PaganGmaSayin a I know… that’s why I asked. I hope everyone is prepared… The I know at the beginning is NOT mean’t harsh, just really agreeing

9 minutes ago via TweetDeck in reply to starcana

Thanks, I understand. Their fear keeps them alert. My amateur estimation of ‘within 3-5 days’ would take us up to Sunday.

— chat snip —————

#tremor ring of fire.

6 minutes ago via web 03.07.10

#tremor update

4 minutes ago via web 03.07.10

Visions Delivered Ring of fire ——————

03.07.10 – I am having a repeated vision, and it’s not making sense to me, but I wanted to share anyway, or just in case. For the heck of it, I was playing with the cards on 03.03.2010, and looking at a job that my son is waiting for news on. I had a vision, and it was a circle…. milky white and see through. Like thick smoke that formed a circle. Almost what some might think of as a halo. Clear as could be. I see this is favorable, coming full circle to all the time and hard work that he has invested into getting this far in his life. Then I got another circle, when the World card was chosen from the deck. Another confirmation what I ‘seeing’.

Anyway, when I wrote a Horoscope on March 5, 2010 on talking about certain planets energy, I experienced another circle. This time it was a circle, with live flames burning. A ring of fire image. Again, it was SO clear. While I was writing, it made sense as to what I was writing about, so I included it into my post.

But for some reason, these images have haunted me for the last few days, for whatever reason. Not sure why or exactly what to make of it. Maybe its simple, and the answer is right beneath my nose. I tend to have my own spiritual interpretation for it, that helps to make sense and settles some of my curiosity.

Then last night 03.06.10, I was searching for a yoga cd online, and when I watched the trailer before purchase – they had a ring of fire right at the beginning. EXACTLY like what I was seeing. Some might think it was a ‘psychic’ moment. Maybe its just all coincidental. I don’t always like when I pick up stuff, and it doesn’t make sense – especially when it repeats itself. But while it is weird, it’s interesting as well.

Anyway, I wrote this note to some of my friends today, just not to stifle when I pick up info. If it keeps repeating itself, it’s trying to tell me something of importance. I will follow it for my own personal message for now, but incase something else happens (when/if it comes around again) I thought I would share with you all too.

I decided to google this, and much to my amazement… I found this: on

What is a circle of fiery volcanoes that surround the pacific ocean in a circle of death?

In: Oceans and Seas, Volcanoes, Pacific Ocean

Ring of Fire.

Again, maybe ALL coincidental. But I still felt the need to add to my little journal.


@BreakingNews 6.0 quake damages buildings in Turkey’s eastern Elazig province; no reports of casualties – CNN Turk via Reuters

about 2 hours ago via BreakingNews Headquarters 03/07/2010

—- chat snip —————

@MysticVirgo67 to @starcana was a 5.9 qake in Turkey today

about 8 hours ago via TweetDeck in reply to starcana (03/08/2010)

—- chat snip —————

@NASA scientist: Chile earthquake may have changed the entire Earth’s rotation and shortened the length of days on Earth

CNN- Magnitude 7.2 quake reported in Chile during President Pinera’s inauguration ceremonies.

less than 5 seconds ago via web 03/11/2010 (this is ____ days from my last ‘feeling that made me sway)

*** I usually hear news of the stronger quakes that I ‘feel’ within 3-5 day so from now til the 17th.. we may be expecting another strong quake somewhere in the world.

*NEW* #tremor felt it 03.11.10 @ 11:47pm slow vibration that went on longer than usual

19 minutes ago via web mar 12, 2010

@businari #earthquake Magnitude 5.5 EASTERN #TURKEY #tremor #terremoto 8 days ago from API march 08,10

@businari #Earthquake Magnitude 5.7 SALTA, #ARGENTINA #terremoto #tremor 7 days ago from API march 09,10

@businari #Erthquake Magnitude 6.9 LIBERTADOR O HIGGINS, #CHILE #tremor #terremoto

4 days ago from API march 14,10

felt slight #tremor march 16, 2010 @ 12:04pm

less than 5 seconds ago via web march 16,10

RT @cnnbrk USGS: Magnitude 4.4 earthquake rattles Southern California. less than 5 seconds ago march 16,10

felt #tremor 03/18 @ 1:34am

less than 20 seconds ago via web 03/18/10

felt #tremor 03/18 @ 2:25pm

less than 5 seconds ago via web 03/18/10

CNN #tremor Earthquake shakes Cuba; no reports of damage yet

about 4 hours ago via web 03/18/10

12 hours ago 6.2 New Ireland region, Papua New Guinea 03.20.10

8 hours ago 5.6 Cuba region 03.20.10

#tremor felt 2:13am 03.24.10 slow sway.

less than 20 seconds ago via web

18 hours ago 5.6 Xizang-Qinghai border region (3.24.10 guessing @ midnight?)

19 hours ago 3.6 Nevada

#tremor 03/30/10 short shift 7:30am

#tremor 8 hours ago 03.30.10 6.6 Andaman Islands, India region

—- chat snip —————


@starcana rolling #tremor felt 9:59pm on april 3, 2010

@chrisdelorey to me – WHERE?

@starcana hi Chris, I have been logging what I feel for the past few weeks/months in-regards to tremors… which is here in PA

@chrisdelorey Oh I see, Suzi. You’re following the tremors in general. Me too. I’m finding them to be quite significant.

@starcana yes, i feel them regularly when they happen – and they’ve gotten stronger in the past months – so I log them for a pattern

@chrisdelorey my reply just crossed with yours. It WAS in PA? Wow

@chrisdelorey how are you following the tremors? in the same way

@chrisdelorey are you feeling them intuitively? I am following helpful gov sight for times, location, velocity etc

@starcana yes, intuitively. I called this site to find out if I could send what I feel, in some way to help. but senses arent scientific

@chrisdelorey that’s amazing Suzi. u r tuned in to mother earth in an amazing way via your feelings & senses. I’m very interested.

@chrisdelorey oh – and of course scientific organizations will never let you in!

@starcana either ive been on target, or purely coincidental – which is why i log with a date & time publicly – so i can not adjust

@starcana does this 3 year cycle relate in anyway with earth movements, cause I am thinking something big is shifting about

@chrisdelorey yes I feel it very strongly. 3 is about things coming to the surface, incl the surface of Earth herself. Similarly

@chrisdelorey peoples thoughts, feelings and secrets are surfacing too. So much inner movement in ppl may be involved here

@starcana i agree Chris! i will log your thoughts too. on my end i could be wrong.. but i am getting weird images.. that i should notice

@chrisdelorey You’re very receptive & I think you’re picking it up. I have started writing about it – no idea where it’s going yet

@starcana despite the intuitiveness, i’m very practical, so I always try to make sense from things… so we’re in-sync, and thats cool.

@chrisdelorey I think we are. It’s very cool.

—- chat snip —————

#tremor Baja #Earthquake was 7.2 (some context: quake that devastated Haiti was 7.0) 04.04.10

Baja #Earthquake was 7.2 (some context: quake that devastated Haiti was 7.0) did u see this? @chrisdelorey 04.04.10

felt another vibrating/buzz #tremor 8:45pm on 04.04.10

CNN #tremor 7.8-magnitude earthquake strikes northern Sumatra, Indonesia 04.06.10

bouncing light #tremor 2:04pm 04.08.2010

2:04 PM Apr 8th via web

long than normal bouncing #tremor repeated 8:10pm few times today (08:11pm) O4.12.10

#tremor 6.9 earthquake strikes near Tibet ~ prayers 04.13.10

This is the end of my original tweets.

you can then catch up to the rest of my experiences on the rest of my blog.



  1. Anonymous · ·

    You have a special gift, though I wonder how it can be best developed. It must be trying at times to sense these events yet not know where they are going to occur. It is like that with vivid dreams
    that come to fruition, yet when we had them we did not “know” exactly what we were seeing in terms of where and when. Many blessings.


  2. Oh yes, exactly.
    When it's ready, perhaps something shall appear.


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