Earthquake: 6.7 Kirakira Solomon Islands, felt & logged incoming energy January 14

Very strong explosion at Colima volcano, Mexico… Read article

Earthquake Mag 5.7 and a 5.6, Amatrice Italy (blogged incoming energy January 15

Earthquake: Magnitude 5.8 Guama, Cuba (felt & logged january 15, and while it’s not quite the size, it is substantially close).

still experiencing intuitive earth vibrations that are passing through today.

Earthquake: 6.1 Nadi, Fiji (felt & logged incoming vibes yesterday

intuitive earth vibrations have been passing through.

Did anyone in the local greensburg pa/westmoreland county happen to hear the incredibly loud boom/explosion on January 11, 2017 between 430p-530p? It was louder than guns, louder than fireworks – and it shook the ground, and our home. It was rather scary, as if there was an explosion – yet nothing seems to have been noted or reported as news, to […]

Earthquake 6.7 KiraKira, Solomon Islands  (just felt and logged this incoming earth energy this morning January 10)

More intuitive earth vibes passing through.

Earthquake 7.2 Tabiauan Philippines (incoming earth vibes were coming in and posted on january 5

Earthquake: 5.8 Resolute Canada (Felt & logged incoming earth vibes on January 5