3.5 magnitude, 10 km depth San Antonio Heights, California, United States 40 minutes ago  (which was the time when I posted it at 10:17pm).

Intuitive earth vibrations have been catching my attention today.

Intuitive earth vibrations have been catching my attention today.

Earthquake 6.8 magnitude. Esmeraldas, Ecuador… 2 powerful earthquakes rock Ecuador within 24hrs, 1 dead. Ecuador has been hit by two earthquakes within 24 hours, with the latest 6.8-magnitute quake reported northwest of the country’s capital, Quito. … USGS initially gave the second quake a magnitude of 6.9.. read more >>     |     And just felt […]

still feeling more intuitive earth vibrations pushing through today.

6.7 magnitude earthquake strikes Ecuador.. read more >>  |   felt & logged a few days go.

Earthquake 5.9 magnitude Loyalty Islands, Felt and logged incoming earth energy yesterday.

Earthquake: 5.6 magnitude shakes Tokyo.. read more >>   |  Felt and logged these incoming earth vibes yesterday.    

Been feeling intuitive earth vibrations passing through today.

Severe storms produced multiple tornadoes across Oklahoma, Nebraska, Iowa and Ilionis on May 9, 2016. In Oklahoma, the storms killed at least 2 people. A large and extremely dangerous tornado touched down near Wynnewood, south of Oklahoma City, killing an elderly man in his home. “News 9 Chief Meteorologist David Payne estimates the tornado to be at least […]

In earthquake prediction, geologists work in probability distributions rather than absolute terms. Consensus is growing, however, of the likelihood of a large and devastating earthquake to strike California. Why are scientists beginning to worry? The San Andreas Fault hasn’t produced a big earthquake in that region of the fault since the M7.9 earthquake hit California in 1857, 159 […]

In the past eight weeks, more than 130 small earthquakes have trembled beneath the surface of Mount St. Helens. At this point, “there is absolutely no sign that it will erupt anytime soon, but the data we collect tells us that the volcano is still very much alive. Seismologists reported that there are no anomalous gases, and […]