Feeling intuitive earth vibrations passing through.. Advertisements

Earthquake Magnitude 5.9 Solomon Islands, Vanuatu

Been feeling intuitive earth vibration passing through today.

Earthquake M6.4 Vanuatu (Felt and logged these incoming earth vibrations on Tuesday July 10

feeling intuitive earth vibes passing through rather prominently today… a few times they were one right after another.

Earthquake Magnitude 6.5 L’esperance Rock, New Zealand. (Felt and logged these incoming intuitive vibrations less than 48 hours ago.

Earthquake Magnitude 4.2 Anchorage, AK (felt and logged this energy around the same time as it was happening.

despite the recent earthquake in russia¬†that just happened a few minutes ago – Im still feeling some incoming intuitive earth vibrations passing through…

Earthquake M 6.1 Ozernovskiy Russia, Felt and logged incoming intuitive earth vibrations three days ago.  

Earthquake Mag 4.5 Sandy Valley, NV, as incoming vibes were felt three days ago.

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Earthquake Magnitude 4.5 Dillingham, AK – Felt incoming vibes and blogged them, less than 24 hours ago.