Earthquake: 6.8 Chauk Burma | Felt & logged incoming earth vibrations two days ago

Earthquake: 6.2 Mag., Norcia, Italy … Felt incoming earth vibrations and logged them yesterday August 22.

Feeling intuitive earth vibrations passing through again today.

Earthquake Mag 7.4, Grytviken, South Georgia & South Sandwich Islands | Felt and logged this incoming intuitive earth vibration yesterday august 19

Feeling intuitive earth vibes passing though.

Shallow M5.8 earthquake shakes Queensland, the strongest in 20 years, Australia

National Weather Service Confirms Tornado Caused Damage In Donora Read more >> 

Historic flooding hits Louisiana: Aerial footage: A very slow-moving low pressure system dumped extreme amounts of rain to parts of central Gulf Coast states between August 4 and 13, 2016. By Friday, August 12, Louisiana was under historic flooding in which at least three people have lost their lives. Read more >>  

A powerful vulcanian explosion occurred at Santiaguito’s Caliente lava dome at 12:58 UTC on August 16, 2016. The eruption produced a massive mushroom-shaped ash plume that eventually reached an estimated altitude of 6 km (20 000 feet). Read more >>

Deadly M5.4 earthquake hits southern Peru | A shallow earthquake registered by the USGS as M5.4 hit southern Peru at 02:58 UTC on August 15, 2016, killing at least 8 people. The quake hit near the town of… read more >> …. and I logged incoming vibrations two days ago.  

Still feeling strong intuitive earth vibrations passing through.

Earthquake: 7.2 magnitude, Loyalty Islands… felt it, then logged it last night.


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