Still feeling intuitive earth vibrations passing through  today… Advertisements

Earthquake Magnitude 6.1 Costa Rica & Panama (Felt and logged less than 48 hours ago)

Another Earthquake M 6.5 Kampungbajo Indonesia, as felt and noted 24 hours ago.

Another earthquake … this time a M 6.4 Jima Japan (which was felt then logged two hours ago.)

Earthquake M 6.0 Jima Japan (Felt and logged two hours ago.)

still feeling more intuitive earth vibrations pushing through today..

Earthquake Magnitude 6.6 Tanaga Volcano, Alaska (felt and logged this incoming earth energy yesterday morning)

Earthquake Magnitude 4.4 Anza, CA (Felt, then blogged the incoming intuitive earth energy yesterday morning (Tues Aug 14), as the earth event then happened yesterday night (Aug14).

More intuitive earth vibrations have been passing through again.

Earthquake Magnitude 6.1, South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands (Felt incoming earth vibrations & blogged them an hour and a half before the earth event.

Intuitive earth vibrations continue to pass through today.

Earthquake M. 6.1 Kaktovik, Alaska