Earthquake 6.3 Nyingchi China…. felt and logged incoming earth vibes back on Nov 15 Advertisements

Earthquake M5.9 Mare, Caledonia & M5.8 Tokyo, Japan (Felt & blogged the continuous intuitive earth vibrations that have been passing through.. which was noted yesterday afternoon.

Feeling more intuitive earth vibrations that are passing through today… more noticeable and longer lasting.

Earthquake Mag 6.0 Santa Rita, Guam (Felt and logged those incoming vibes that were still coming in less than 24 hours ago.

Feeling intuitive earth vibrations that are STILL rumbling and passing through…. see the list here.

Earthquake Mag 4.7 Soledad, California (As mentioned last night, after two large quakes happened – I was still feeling some strong energetic earth vibrations that were still coming through… and I made sure to say so  by blogging it less than 24 hours ago.)

Two strong earthquakes happened: Iraq & Costa Rico – and I mentioned an hour ago that I  still felt that the earth quaking… and I still do – which is why I’m posting this.

Earthquake Mag 6.8 Jaco Costa Rica, and just after experiencing a Mag 7.3 Iraq.  And yet strangely, I am still feeling more vibrations that are coming through.    

Earthquake Mag 7.3 Halabja, Iraq (Felt and blogged these unusual incoming vibrations, noted on November 8)

Earthquake Mag 6.3 St Helena, Ascension Island (Felt and logged this unstable energy two days ago)

Earthquake Mag 6.0 Hachijo-jima, Japan (Had felt and logged just six hours earlier)

Feeling some interesting earth vibrations that have continued – off and on – to get my attention.