Been feeling incoming intuitive earth vibrations.. Advertisements

Earthquake Magnitude 4.4 Spring City, TN

Yellowstone’s Steamboat Geyser experienced 30th eruption of the year, breaking the record set in 1964… Read more >>

Earthquake M 7.3 Bristol Island, South Sandwich Islands (Felt and logged intuitive, incoming earth vibrations 3 days ago)

Earthquake Mag 4.8 Big Lake, AK (Felt & logged December 7)

Felt incoming earth vibrations that were incredibly strong and disruptive… literally took my breath away – standing on this one. Just a big wow on this one. Strong vibes felt like way back when, I think it was 2010, with the  earthquake in Chile…..

Earthquake M 4.8 Anchorage, AK (Felt and logged these incoming earth vibrations just 24 hours ago

been feeling very strong earth vibrations – one after another – passing through and grabbing my attention..

Magnitude 6.6 earthquake, New Caledonia and Vanuatu 1:43 AM (Felt these incoming vibrations Monday afternoon, which also woke me from my sleep.

Earthquake Magnitude 7.6 and a 6.0 Tadine, Caledonia (Felt incoming earth vibrations and logged them yesterday.

Earthquake M 4.6 Anchorage, AK · 11:02 AM (Felt & blogged this information about 24 hours ago)

Intuitive earth vibrations are passing through today…