Earthquake Swarm Activity Near Bombay Beach… An earthquake swarm near Bombay Beach, California, started on 2016 Sept. 26 at 4:03 am (PDT) in the Brawley Seismic Zone, which lies near the southern terminus of the San Andreas Fault. The swarm includes 142 events so far (as of 26 Sep 2016) … read more >>

Four dead, hundred injured as Typhoon Megi slams Taiwan, Four people died and at least 316 were injured in Taiwan after a powerful typhoon slammed into the country’s northeastern coastline on Tuesday. Read the article >>

Still feeling intuitive, yet odd earth vibrations passing through.

The U.S. Geological Survey has registered 11 earthquakes under the Salton Sea in California’s Imperial County (near San Diego) on September 26, 2016. Read the full article >>

Earthquake 6.0 Nago, Japan… Felt these intuitive earth vibrations coming in and blogged it last night.

Feeling strong intuitive earth vibrations moving through.

Earthquake: Magnitude 6.8 Fiji

Earthquake: Magnitude 6.3 Tonga

Earthquake: M6.3 Tamisan, Philippines (felt and logged these incoming vibes yesterday)

Earthquake: 6.4 magnitude, Chiba, Japan (Logged incoming vibrations just 2 hours ago

feeling intuitive earth vibrations passing through.. a little stronger vibes than usual too.

Earthquake: 6.1 magnitude, Izu Islands, Japan (felt and logged 4 days ago)