First Earthquake 7.0 magnitude Norsup, Vanuatu. And a Second Earthquake 6.6 magnitude, Northern East Pacific Rise….. (Felt and logged these incoming vibrations three days ago, on April 25).  

been feeling intuitive earth vibrations passing through…

Earthquake 7.8 Ecuador.. felt incoming vibes & loggedthree days ago on April 13..

  April 15 Japan hit by 7.1-magnitude earthquake.. read here >> | but felt incoming vibes and blogged them on April 13  

6.0 mag. earthquake, Kumamoto, Japan, 6.2 mag. earthquake, Kumamoto, Japan, 6.4 mag. earthquake, Sanma, Vanuatu. (Felt and logged these incoming earth vibrations last night.)

still feeling more intuitive earth vibrations that are passing through today.

  The 6.9 magnitude quake took place at a depth of 135km (84 miles) north-west of Mandalay. Casualties have been reported.. read more >>  Felt & logged incoming intuitive energy here.


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