Earthquake Magnitude 6.2 Chile on March 18…. while feeling & logging those incoming intuitive earth vibrations on March 13

March 17… Earthquake: 6.6 Kota Ternate, Indonesia (Felt incoming earth vibrations on March 13

Earthquake 4.0 Puerto Rico, and 3.4

strong intuitive earth vibrations are coming through both yesterday and today. im feeling moved.

Earthquake: 5.2  of Alaska Felt incoming earth vibrations and logged March 10, and altho it’s not a larger quake (that I’m still looking for) it’s a good size for something more local – for m to get use to the ‘feel’ of closer ones.

Earthquake: Evacuations as 6.6 earthquake shakes Colombia capital… A magnitude 6.6 earthquake has hit the Colombian capital of Bogota, prompting mass evacuations from the city’s buildings. Strong and prolonged tremors sparked panic and a social media storm. The Colombian Geological Survey reported that the tremors originated from.. read more >> Felt and logged these incoming earth […]

feeling strong intuitive earth vibrations pushing through, like buzzing..


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