Deleted previous post – because of USGS update. Tonga earthquake was not a 6.0, but a Magnitude 6.4 off Pacific island… Read article here. (I felt and logged this incoming energy… not once, but TWICE… less than 24 hours ago.) Advertisements

Just posted the shifting energy that I felt today, but more intuitive vibes are still coming through – and rather prominently.

felt intuitive earth vibrations passing through today.

4.0 earthquake hits fire-ravaged Northern California, Read more here. (Felt and logged incoming vibrations three days ago)

been feeling intuitive earth vibrations passing through today, a little stronger and noticeable.

Earthquake: Mag 6.6 Bouvet Island Region, Antarctica … from ‘did you feel that?‘¬† three days ago.

6.6-Magnitude Earthquake Strikes Off Alaska: US Geological Survey >> Read more here… (Felt and logged incoming vibes Saturday night.)    

Earthquake Mag 6.6 Kamchatka Krai, Russia (Felt and logged these incoming earth vibrations less than 24 hours ago.

feeling intuitive earth vibrations passing through today.

Earthquake: Mag 6.4 Nuku’alofa, Tonga (Felt incoming earth vibrations & logged it in;¬†three hours earlier). And at the same time – I have been feeling vibrations continuing to pass through, so if I’m experiencing it correctly – I expect to hear of another earth event.

still feeling intuitive earth vibes passing through today…

Earthquake Mag 6.0 Papua New Guinea… just felt and blogged six and a half hours ago.