Earthquake 6.6 Jalisco, Mexico (Incoming vibrations were logged four days ago on Feb 18)

Earthquake Magnitude 6.3 Japan (Felt the vibrations and logged yesterday)

Earthquake M 6.4 Lakatoro, Vanuatu, along with Magnitude – 4.3 earthquake jolts central Washington (been logging strong vibes as I was moved yesterday)

Still experiencing very strong intuiitve vibrations that are passing through.

and I’m still feeling strong intuitive earth vibrations passing through today.

Earthquake: Magnitude 6.9 Honshu, Japan.. While the area has a nuclear power plant, it was not damaged, according to a report from NHK. It also reported that local train lines have suspended operations. Read more >> (Felt and experienced incoming vibrations earlier today, and the intuitive data was logged here.

Okla. – A pair of early morning earthquakes shook some parts of central Oklahoma on Monday. In 2014, Oklahoma had three times as many earthquakes as California.. read more >> (Altho Im use to relating larger scales with what Im feeling, Im still recording this to know what I am feeling vs distance locally in this country, […]


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