Hi friends, I want to thank you all, for following my intuitive earthquake journey. I’ve stayed pretty busy with experiencing storms and intuitive earthquake vibrations, while following up with the actual earth event that followed days later. With years of interpreting my sensitive abilities on this blog and many social media platforms… I think that […]

Earthquake Magnitude 6.5 Ascension Island, Monrovia Liberia (Felt incoming earth vibrations five days ago) #earth #earthquake #nature #sensitive

An EF-2 tornado left major damage on structures and power towers in Dallas, USA on Sunday night, October 20, 2019. Authorities urged commuters to avoid affected areas as emergency services are conducting major roadway repairs. Read the full article >>

Earthquake Magnitude 6.4 Vanuatu  (Felt incoming earth vibrations two days ago, and logged the info on Friday afternoon.) #earth #earthquake #nature #sensitive

A new study of the Ridgecrest Earthquake Sequence, the largest earthquake sequence in Southern California, that began on July 4, 2019, provided new evidence that massive earthquakes can happen in a more complex fashion than commonly expected. The observation by geophysicists from Caltech and NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) in California reported a series of […]

still feeling more incoming, intuitive earth vibrations passing through today. #earth #nature #earthquake #sensitive

Earthquake Magnitude 3.5 Compton, CA · Oct 18, 3:19 AM …. (Felt incoming earth vibrations and logged the info Wednesday evening.)

Earthquake Magnitude 5.3 Kotzebue, AK (Felt incoming earth vibrations and logged the info last night, 24 hours ago.)

still feeling intuitive earth vibrations passing through, off and on again today – grabbing my attention. #earth #earthquake #nature #sensitive

WASHINGTON — Scientists have discovered a mash-up of two feared disasters — hurricanes and earthquakes — and they’re calling them “stormquakes.” The shaking of the sea floor during hurricanes and nor’easters can rumble like a magnitude 3.5 earthquake and last for days, according to a study in this week’s publication of the journal Geophysical Research Letters. The […]

Earthquake Magnitude 6.4 South Cotabato, Philippines (Felt incoming earth vibrations and logged the info yesterday afternoon)

Earthquake M.2.2 Washington, Pennsylvania, Read the article and videos here (Experienced incoming intuitive earth vibes today, but finally made time to log it just about 15 minutes ago.)