feeling intuitive earth vibrations passing through. Advertisements

Earthquake Magnitude 7.0 Papua New Guinea… Felt and logged the incoming intuitive earth vibrations back on Tuesday evening.

Been feeling intuitive earth vibrations that have been passing through…

Earthquake Mag 6.0 Komo, Papua New Guinea… Felt & logged incoming earth vibrations just ten hours earlier.

Earthquake Mag 6.0 Papau New Guinea (felt and logged these incoming earth vibrations about eight hours ago.

intuitive earth vibes passing through again today… quick, with a punch.

Earthquake 7.6 Mag Papua New Guinea… Been feeling vibrations for the last few days and reconfirmed that last night (Feb 24), although I noted the super strong intuitive earth tremors that were passing through and felt on February 20.

Swarm of earthquakes rattles San Francisco Bay Area… http://www.latimes.com/local/lanow/la-me-ln-danville-earthquake-20180223-story.html

Swarm of 200 Earthquakes Hits Yellowstone – Here’s What That Means… https://www.livescience.com/61811-earthquake-swarm-hits-yellowstone.html

still feeling intuitive earth vibrations that continue to pass through…

Earthquake Mag 3.3 Danville, CA

Earthquake Mag 5.0 Dillingham, Alaska, felt incoming earth vibes back on Feb 20