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Earthquake Mag 6.2 The Kermadec Islands (Felt & blogged incoming vibes two days ago)

Feeling intuitive earth vibrations passing through today.

Earthquake Mag 4.1 Guthrie, OK (Felt and blogged incoming earth vibrations two days ago on Saturday May 12

Feeling some pretty strong intuitive earth vibrations passing through today.

Logged incoming earth energy Tuesday evening, May 8, 2018 5:03pm. Then a strong magnitude 6.2 earthquake hit Afghanistan this morning, Wednesday, May 9.    

Intuitive earth vibrations have been passing through…

Earthquake Magnitude 6.9 Ainaloa, HI (Felt & blogged it 5 days ago, on Monday April 30

Earthquake 6.0 Easter Island Region (Felt & blogged April 30)

Since I trust my intuition (as with the earthquake, storm & etcetera vibrations), I openly share these personal experiences as a public log of the continued insight that is received.

Earthquake: Magnitude 5.9 Fiji. Felt & logged incoming intuitive earth vibrations within 24hours, on April 30.

felt intuitive earth vibrations passing through today…