Earthquake M6.8, South Cotabato, Philippines (Experienced disturbances and logged the incoming vibes just hours earlier)

Signs from intuitive earth vibrations coming through.

Powerful M7.1 earthquake hits off Chile’s Valparaiso … Following a series of moderate to strong earthquakes on Saturday and Sunday, April 22 and 23, 2017, a powerful M7.1 earthquake hit the region at 21:38 UTC (18:39 local time) on April 24. USGS is reporting a depth of 10 km (6.2 miles). CSN Chile is reporting […]

Earthquake M6.7 Valparaiso Chile… Felt & logged the incoming earth vibrations two days ago, on April 22.

Felt these incoming earth vibrations last night, and logged it this morning.

Felt intuitive earth vibes moving thru late last night.

Two earthquakes today (less than an hour in between), with one as a M6.0 Figi and the other as a M6.0 Iquitos Peru. Felt & logged more of intuitive earth vibrations that were passing through, which included the sensation of *a lot more actually* back on April 16.

feeling more intuitive earth vibrations that passing through today… a lot more actually.

Earthquake M6.2, San Pedro de Atacama Chile.. felt and logged incoming vibrations two days ago.

Feeling more intuitive earth vibrations that are pushing through. 

Earthquake: Strong shallow M6.0, hits Mindanao, Philippines (Felt these incoming intuitive earth vibes and logged them just a few hours earlier)

strong intuitive earth vibrations woke me up from my sleep last night…