experiencing some intuitive earth vibrations through some weekend readings today.

Felt and logged incoming vibes a few days ago, on Monday afternoon. Strong earthquake shakes northern Japan.. TOKYO – A strong earthquake struck just off the coast of Hokkaido in northern Japan. No tsunami warning was issued, and there were no reports of major damage. The magnitude-6.7 quake hit about 12:30 p.m. (0330 GMT) Thursday, near. […]

24 hours later, after feeling strong earth vibrations… I researched, to find this: After 110 years of being dormant, Momotombo volcano, Nicaragua, seems to have become fairly active over the last two months. The latest eruption occurred yesterday, on January 12, 2016… read more >>  

while i try not to focus much on the earth tremors… i’ve been feeling something really strong today.

Magnitude 4.7 earthquake detected west of Port Hardy.

Feeling intuitive earth vibrations passing thru again today.

Earthquake 6.3 Redoubt Volcano, Alaska (just logged 2 days ago)


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