Earthquake MAG 6.8 Samoa Islands (2nd) Felt & logged June 26 

Earthquake: MAG 6.8 Samoa Islands Felt & logged June 26

Earthquake:  MAG 7.2 South Sandwich Islands Felt and logged June 26  

Feeling intuitive vibes off and on for two days.

At least one person was killed and over a dozen critically injured after tornadoes ripped through northeast Nebraska, causing heavy damage to small towns in its wake. The Lincoln Journal-Star reported that officials at the Faith Regional Medical Center in Norfolk, Nebraska confirmed one person was killed and 16 were critically injured in the storm. The […]

Earthquake M 6.4 – South Indian Ocean on 6.14.14  (Im catching up with posts) (felt and logged these incoming vibrations on June 12)

Not a large one on June 12, but it was for this area, and so close to home.. especially as I had just FELT this one move me a few hours earlier.


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