On July 29, a magnitude-6.4 earthquake rocked central and eastern Mexico on Tuesday, but no injuries have been reported, the National Seismology Service said… Read more >> Experienced and logged incoming intuitive vibrations on July 28.

4.3 earthquake in Oklahoma felt in Kansas.. NASH, Oklahoma – At 9:46 p.m. Monday evening an earthquake shook the northeast part of Oklahoma as well as southeastern parts of Kansas. Read more >> I just felt incoming intuitive vibes here in Pennsylvania, just one minute afterwards, and logged at 10:47pm EST (if you hold the […]

Been feeling a number of intuitive vibrations throughout the day. Noticibly stronger than normal, and catching my notice – as I have tried to not be as involved in my earthquake postings.

Earthquake MAG 6.8 Samoa Islands (2nd) Felt & logged June 26 

Earthquake: MAG 6.8 Samoa Islands Felt & logged June 26

Earthquake:  MAG 7.2 South Sandwich Islands Felt and logged June 26  

Feeling intuitive vibes off and on for two days.


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