Earthquake: Magnitude 6.8  Japan TOKYO – A strong earthquake struck a mountainous area of central Japan on Saturday night, causing at least one building to collapse and injuring several people, according to Japanese media reports. No tsunami warning was issued. The magnitude-6.8 earthquake struck near Nagano city at 10:08 p.m. at a depth of 6 […]

Earthquake Magnitude 6.9 Molucca Sea Strong Undersea Earthquake Hits Eastern Indonesia.. A strong undersea earthquake hit off the coast of eastern Indonesia on Friday, but there were no immediate reports of.. Read More >> Logged the experienced incoming vibrations on Sunday here >>

Earthquake Magnitude  4.6 Central California Logged incoming vibes >> Nov 16

more intuitive earth vibrations pushing through, they are actually much stronger of bouncy energy which is lasting a little longer in its tremor.

Earthquake Magnitude 6.7 New Zealand

Earthquake Magnitude 7.3 Indonesia

6.1 Hunter, New Caledonia 5.8 Calama, Chile Logged intuitive vibes that came in two days ago


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